Monday, March 21, 2011

A Must Follow on Twitter

I just found out one agent is now on Twitter.  It's Donald Maass.  I was lucky I got to attend his Breakout Novel workshop with a bunch of writer friends a few years ago.  His workshop was great.

Follow him at @DonMaass

He's been twittering daily #breakout prompts

Here's an example:

For your MC, what are the best things about these times? The worst? Create a passage of his/her take on this era.

If you haven't read the book, do!  In the meantime follow him and pick up some great prompts.


  1. I just recently started following him too. He has good advice and good prompts!

  2. I went with my then writing mentor and a bunch of other writers to his workshop which was held by RWA back in 2004. He signed his book too for me! Very interesting info and he gives great advice.

  3. He's always generous with advice and tips. Thanks Kim