Friday, August 5, 2011

It's HOT! Super Hot! Texas is on a roll!

There's an old saying we use down here in Texas - "Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes."  Except, this saying doesn't always apply during summer. Especialy THIS summer.

It's been HOT!  We're now at over 33 consecutive days at over 100 degrees. That's over a month! And there's no end in sight.

(pic from The J-Walk Blog)

I moved a lot during my teen years.  Back when I was in Junior High, we lived here in Texas. But then we moved on up to New Hampshire. We came back to Texas in 1980 and it wasn't pretty because: 

1980 holds the current record for 42 (Yes, 42!) consecutive 100 plus degree weather days!

Mind you, everyone knows it gets hot down here, but there are limits! Right? lol.  This very week, here in Dallas, we're expecting to hit 110 degrees. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES. Mind boggling! I don't live in a desert, so these are not the type of temps I expect. (My poor yard has been so neglected. All the grass is brown!)

Luckily, one super awesome thing about Texas is the people here heartily believe in airconditioning. We have it everywhere. Not having it is the exception rather than the rule, cars included. The opposite is true for most northern states, though. And from the rough summers they've been having up there these last few years, that may be bound to change soon.

As of this week, 2011 is the 2nd hottest summer on Texas record. And there's a very good chance we will BEAT the 1980 record as Texas goes into August and the normal hottest month for the state.

So stay frosty everyone! No heat stroke allowed!

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic


  1. LOL! Love the picture of the dog and fan.

    Yep. The trees we planted 30 years ago when we built this house are dying. The grass is dead. My sage bushes I planted for the hummingbirds won't last much longer. We've had few baby birds this year. No moths, butterflies, or hardly any bugs at all. The temp is still in the 90s when the sun sets. (We live in the country without city water and can't water anything.) Our pond is dry, the fish bleaching under the sun. I'm feeding deer, birds, and cats. And there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. But I love Texas. Just not the weather.

  2. Just watched the weather on TV. Forcast for Saturay - 110.

  3. I just had a friend and her family move to Dallas, Texas. She said she got up really early to clean out the attic of new house as it was only 96 degrees. This friend never gets up early so for her to do this meant it must be really hot.

    I don't know how you guys do it. We have hot Septembers and Octobers. We live close to the beach so we get that breeze. But not all the time. Back in 07 we were evacuated due to the fires. Now that was scary!

    Hoping you all get some relief soon!

  4. Beverly, your area sounds in a reallt bad way. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon. I love the doggie pic too. Too cute. :)

    Kim, we survive due to our airconditioners. Heh heh. I know I spend as little time outside as possible. Just go from one airconditioned spot to another. Heh heh.

    We'll beat the record if all continues next Friday. Scary.

  5. But you do know if all of you have your A/Cs on that you will probably have a blackout, right? I know it's happened out here in So. Ca when we had extreme heat spells. I guess you can then stay in swim pools or just water yourselves down. Seriously though I don't know how you all do it. You have the double whammy of humidity and heat. Not a good combo.

    I hope the heat spell breaks soon!

  6. Ok, just got a chance to read this. We're just sweltering here in the Pacific Northwest. Yeah, it's a frightening 60 degrees. Yeah, you heard me. This is the summer that wasn't. Someone timed it and a few weeks ago, we'd had an 78 minute summer or some such. Not even the length of a full feature movie. It's cold. I've worn capris maybe a dozen times so far, and most of that was when I went east of the mountains. It was indeed warm over there, but here? Near Seattle? I'm wearing my winter clothes - sweats, sweaters, layers, and boots. Yeah, a great summer.