Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Lately my life has been what the title suggests. Not every day, but often enough. So, I have a couple of choices. Slice the lemons and squeeze until I drown in the flood of living. Since that’s not me, I’m usually a positive person, I choose to make lemonade. Yes, I used a cliché. Sometimes they fit the situation. Now, I’m not actually going to make a pitcher of lemonade, the drinking kind. Actually, I prefer lemons in a pie. Mmm, have you ever tasted lemon pie with fluffy meringue on top? Just thinking about it makes me drool. Baking pies is not my solution, however. I bet you’ve already guessed what it is. Yep. Writing.
When I’m in the world of my characters, the real world disappears, at least for a while. I can be on Isla del Fuego with Just Breeze and Cam. I can listen to Elvis at The Old House with Eden and her friends.
Also, I can blog with my friends and other writers. We have a lot in common. I can enter contests and win great books to read. And I have a couple to contests tell you about today. Christmas seems to be a popular subject this hot month of July.
If you’d like to cool off with the thoughts of Christmas, hop on over to Penny Ehrenkrantz’s blog, where she’s celebrating Christmas in July with author interviews and giveaways.
MuseItUp Publishing is also celebrating Christmas in July at their site with huge giveaways. Here’s the info to get you started.
MuseItUp Publishing is hosting a Christmas in July Hunt from July 9 - 23, 2012.
All you have to do is visit the participating authors websites/blogs (AUTHOR LINKS POSTED BELOW EACH COVER) found at: and locate the hidden Christmas tree in each of their sites.
Then send an email to: publisher AT museituppublishing DOT com
*with the 15 authors' links where their trees were hidden (EX. AUTHOR'S PAGE, REVIEWS PAGE, BIO PAGE, ETC.)

*and your name

Begins on July 9 and ends July exceptions.

PRIZES: click on covers for more ebook details

Package One: a $25.00 gift certificate to MuseItUp Publishing's bookstore

Package Two: 10 EBOOKS

Package Three: 8 EBOOKS

But wait...there's more...
We want to thank everyone who continue to support our authors by adding a little something to say THANK YOU.
Everyone who participates will walk away with a prize.
Located in our Muse bookstore are 10 Christmas trees. Find one of them and you win that ebook.
Only one free THANK YOU ebook per person. So if you want to locate all ten and pick and choose which ebook to win, go right ahead.
Send me the title of your free ebook to: publisher AT museituppublishing DOT com and I'll send you your prize at the end of the month.
Winners will be announced at the end of July.
NOTE: Only one prize per person. Correct entries will go into a draw and three winners will be chosen to win one of our three packages.
Sounds like fun to me. Think I’ll take a look.
Happy reading and writing.


  1. I'm sorry your life has been handing you lemons. I'm glad you like pie! Christmas in July has always been a favorite concept of mine. Thanks for sharing the contest info!

  2. Thanks, Ophelia. With these hot temperatures, thinking of cool Christmas helps. :)