Friday, October 26, 2012

Costumes Galore! Another Fun Reason To Go To Convetions

One of the most fun parts of going to all the different types of conventions and things I go to is to wallow in the awesome creativity of fans!

This past weekend found me at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Figured I'd share some of the awesomeness from there, and Animefest from September.

Gimbly's Father. What's supercool about this costume is that the hat and beard are all one piece and made of yarn! Click on it for a bigger version. Too darn cool. 

I loved this one because not only did it not take a lot to look like the character, but she had her pose and attitude correct which added to the whole ensemble to convince us of who she was. (Psst, Madeline from Burn Notice.)

Is this not the most awesome thing ever?! She looked fantastic! And she even had tail feathers out the back.

This wowed me with the super attention to detail. She looked awesome!

Here's another one. From Assassin's Creed. He looked fabulous!

Wished I'd caught his staff on the pic because it glowed. Great Loki and Hawkeye.

They do so make going to these things worthwhile. Woot!


  1. These are neat. I like to dress up in costumes. For my recent book store signing I wore my crinolines and Civil War dress. Had fun. Wouldn't want that to be my normal clothing though.

    1. How cool! I've never had the courage aside from the occasional Halloween at work. :P