Friday, November 23, 2012

Angry Birds - The Star Wars Edition

Oh yeah, you heard right...Angry Bird Star Wars!

Not a combo I ever expected, but it's actually quite fun. Here's a few pics to show you what I'm talking about.

1st opening screen. You can see the Angry Birds version of all our favorite Star Wars Heroes. Hee! 

A sligthly wacky but ever so recognizable theme song starts here. Wish I could take a zoomed pic of this as the tie fighters have snouts and piggy ears. Heh heh.

Tattoine is the first puzzle world. Also, you can see the Deathstar from here. Love the creativity of making everything look pig like. Too cute!

These are all the Tatooine levels. You can see a Sand People Pig on the right. On the left are quick movies. The levels/planets are playing in actual sequence to Episode 4. 

One of the Tatooine puzzles. Click the link to enlarge the pic to get a real nice look at the Pig Storm Troopers. Hee! As their armor takes damage, you can see the real pig beneath. 

The baddies get lasers on some of the screens. Which is only fair as the characters get powers!

Luke starts out as just a plain Angry Bird (Like the Red bird in the original games). Later on though, he gets a lightsaber!!!!  A big sweep attack you can activate during his arc. 

Obi Wan has a Force push, time slow thing. That one is tricky to use.

Han Solo, when triggered, will shoot 3 laser blasts. They introduce metal walls around that time so you can actually do bank shots!

I've seen R2-D2 and 3-CPO in a bonus screen. R2 shoots lightning and 3-CPO blows up into shrapnel. 

On the space puzzles you get gravity thrown into the mix, so the thrown birds will curve or go straight depending on the celestial bodies. 

Needless to say the game is totally cute! And Chewbacca really IS a fuzzball! lol 

Here's the dramatic trailer for the game - recreation of Obi Wan and Luke at the Bar. Heh heh heh.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

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