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No More Goddesses Book Tour

This week I'm on a virtual book tour! For today's posting I thought I'd share one of my guest posts that was originally posted at:

10. Keep your day job

Some still have the mistaken belief that once you sign a book contract, that the money will start rolling in. Sure, some authors get big advances and are able to survive on that. But most successful authors I know? They’re the 10 year + overnight success. I was lucky enough that I had the option of being able to quit my full-time job and concentrate on taking care of my son and my writing. Otherwise I would have kept my full-time teaching job because working outside of the writing biz opens you up to so many other experiences that you can use later in your writing. Being a bilingual teacher helped me when writing Earrings of Ixtumea. Even my graduate level counseling classes helped me numerous times with understanding why a character might act the way they do.

9. Don’t talk about just your book on social media sites

I admit I’m excited about my book and want EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

But I know that if that’s all I talk about? It’ll get boring real fast.

Because I admit, I hate those Twitters, FB posts from other authors that just advertise their books and nothing else. Once I even was included in a virtual book blog tour that I knew nothing about. **Don’t ever do that! Yes, use social media. I do but don’t go overboard to the point that it’s all about you and nothing else. No one likes that.

8. Don’t burn any bridges

A huge thing I’ve learned is to be careful on what you post online. If you’re upset over something or someone, don’t post it online.

Fact: Whatever you post on the Internet stays there. Forever. You never know if later on that one post will come back and haunt you.

7. Sometimes you don’t have a final say on the cover

This one I kind of knew about. I’ve been lucky so far. Most authors do get to have some feedback in the cover and a lucky few actually get final say. I’ve had some input on my covers but in the end you will almost NEVER have final say on a cover and if you DO you are extremely lucky.

6. You made how much?

I still get people asking me how much money I’ve made off my books. I think this is a professional no-no. Unless of course you want to share that info. Otherwise, I don’t and I won’t ask fellow authors either.

5. You really should be writing something else in between books

When a book comes out the best thing to do is start another project. I found this helps me not to dwell on not so great reviews(most every author I know gets these). Plus, you have something that you can query and/or give to your publisher/agent later.

4. Writing is a biz

I think the big thing here is to treat writing as your business. Continue writing, querying, and going to conferences. Don’t make excuses on why you can’t write. Just do it!

3. Read

It blows me away when I hear authors saying that they refuse to read as they’re afraid it will influence their own writing. What I do is I don’t read anything that I feel is too close to a project I’m currently working on. But not read? Ohmigod, that’s like telling me not to breathe. To me? Writing and reading go hand in hand.

2. Yes, the hard part is after the book is published

When I first was published I thought the hardest part was over. Wrong! Now comes the hard part. You need to get out there and let others know about your books. You can’t expect your publisher to do all this for you. Sure, you can hire a publicist but they can be costly. Be part of Twitter, FB, Pinterest (I have boards for all my books), and join professional organizations like RWA and SCBWI.

1. This biz isn’t for the weak of heart!

The biggest thing I’ve learned? This biz isn’t for the weak of heart. Yes, you’ll get rejections and not all 5 star ratings. Yes, not everyone will love your book. You have to realize this is a business and not to take this personally. And eat chocolate. Lots of it. Dark chocolate is my favorite.

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