Wednesday, December 2, 2015


December has arrived. This year is almost over. Where did the months go? To end on a note of fun, here's a forthcoming book that promises fun stories, sad stories, and a lot of others in between.

Of course, I love cats. I have two and Tiger, my tabby, has a story in this anthology.
If you're a dog lover, Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Very Good, Very Bad Dog is due out the same time as the cat book. Both anthologies will be released Feb. 9, 2016. I'm looking forward to reading the tales of our fur babies.
Here's my Tiger. I wonder what he'll think when I read him his story. I hope Patches isn't jealous.
Patches says she's the best Christmas gift.
Also, the publisher and I are having a giveaway at Good Reads for an unproofed print review copy of my YA Novel Under a Purple Moon, due out March 15, 2016. I'm making corrections now. There are a few. How did the editor and I miss them? Here's the link.
Happy Reading.


  1. It happens. No editor catches EVERYTHING. (I've got two and all of us still miss things.)

    1. I know, Crystal, but I feel so dumb when it's such an obvious mistake. Hopefully, we'll catch most of them this time.

  2. Have you ever had something screw up after the upload that looks right in the manuscript??? That's happened a couple of times to me. Not to mention a paragraph indention that, for whatever reason, jumps halfway across the page. Grrr...

  3. II know, Terry. Sometimes, it seems the grimlins are out to get us. I try to stay calm and remember some things are out of my hands. Most readers will understand, I hope. :)