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This week welcomes a guest post from author Kim Baccellia.

Guest Post from the Author

As an educator, it’s been drilled into me to have schedules and goals. Even then, I’ve personally found that I need to have a plan whenever I start a new writing project. Otherwise, nothing gets done! Here’s some things that have worked for me.
  1. Write everyday

We’ve all heard this one.  That in order to be an author, you have to be willing to write every day.

Well, I have a confession. I don’t write on the weekends. I do write during the weekdays though. One of my author friends shared something that works for her. Carry a spare notebook with you. Whenever you have a spare moment, pull that notebook out and write. It doesn’t have to be much, but it’s something. You can use a notes app on your cell phone too.
Make a small goal. Maybe write an hour. Or more. Start small and build from there.

  1. Have a writing space

My husband works from home which means it can be really hard to concentrate and write. I ended up taking over the guest room and made it into my writing office. I also write at the coffee house. I take ear bubs and listen to a Playlist I created for my book and write.
My favorite coffee house has to be Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which just happens to have the most amazing ice tea lattes.

  1. Mapping out story

I happen to be a Plotter. I use a story map to plot out my stories. In my writing office, I have this huge whiteboard. I got this one at Costco. I have different color markers which I use for each different POV.

  1. Read

I think it’s important to read. I never understood those writers who say they don’t read. I read books that help with setting. I read for inspiration.  I also read books outside my comfort zone. Right now I’m reading lots of romances and books that deal with WWII women resistance fighters.

  1. Early or late at night
Find a time that works best for you. When I was teaching full-time, I was able to write during my lunch break at the nearby Burger King. Now that I’m at home, I find that writing midmorning to early afternoon works best for me. I also am a morning person, so I tend to write better during that time. Someone else though might find that writing after work, or when the kids are in bed, works best for them.

  1. It’s okay to say ‘no’.
This one is huge. I try to not let someone guilt trip me into thinking that my writing time isn’t important. It’s okay to say ‘no’. Really, it is.

  1. Writer’s Block

This happens to the best of us! I totally believe in getting up and walking or doing some physical activity. For me, I power walk or go to a movie. Or to watch Netflix shows. It’s okay to take a break now and then. Some of my best writing came when I did this. And sometimes, I just write to get through it.

The big thing is to find out what works for you!

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