Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introduction - Kathryn Sullivan

As a YA author published with a small press, I'm yet another YA Author You've (probably) Never Heard Of.

I've been writing since I was 14 - right after I ran out of books to read in my Dad's collection of science fiction and fantasy and immediately after I finished reading a few that somehow made me decide that even I could write better. Skip forward many years and highlights (short stories finding homes, first book contract, second book contract) and somehow although I'm doing what I wanted, things aren't *quite* the way I expected (I expected space colonies as well as e-books, silly me).

I live in Winona, MN, where it is currently hot and humid and cicandas are singing from the treetops. I love that sound of summer.

My books currently in print include

The Crystal Throne (2003). Two twelve-year-old are pulled into a magical world and asked to break a curse. Witches, wizards, elves and talking horses.

Sample chapter

"But you, Jeanne Tucker," the voice continued, "we see great evil in this for you, daughter. But we cannot see beyond it, for another power blocks our sight. Peter is too different from us. We cannot hide him from the witch, but we could hide you. Do you still wish to continue?"

"I—" Jeanne felt the faint touch of the Council's concern and her own fear rose. What was she to say? Everything was happening so fast.

"Stay here, Jeanne," Peter whispered. "You'll be safer here."

Jeanne looked at him. "But you—"

"I'll be all right. You're a girl—this isn't for you."

Jeanne mentally sighed as she caught the same "protectiveness" radiating from Peter that she had often sensed from Mike. "Yeah, right," she replied, remembering his reaction to the witch hound. He's the one who needs protecting. She turned and faced the Council. "The Watcher picked us both. I'm going with Peter," she said firmly.

Talking to Trees (2006). Sequel to The Crystal Throne. Peter and Jeanne return to the Lands - along with Peter's sister, who would rather be at the mall. Talking horses, talking trees, elves and gryphons.


“What do you mean, ‘it’s found you’?” Jody asked. “That’s just smog!” It was odd that there was such a small patch of it, but there was no reason for Twyl and Rafi to act as if it was something serious. They had made her frightened of it, too, but that was only at first, before she realized what it was.

Twyl stared in horror at the swirling brownish gray mist. “The life-destroyer. This is what it used before.”

Jody looked from the small cloud to Twyl. Did she really think a cloud was going around looking for her?

“Run!” Rafi ordered. He sneezed, but continued to flap at the cloud with powerful strokes. Jody blinked. The cloud actually seemed to be held in place by the flapping. And it seemed to be shrinking as well.

Twyl tugged at Jody’s arm. “He said run!”

Jody pulled away. She was tired of being dragged all over the place. Anyone could see this wasn’t dangerous. It was just a patch of smoke. “Don’t be so worried. Rafi is blowing it away.”

The smoke thinned to mere wisps. Suddenly one wisp darted past Rafi straight at Jody.

Jody opened her mouth in surprise. The tendril of smoke clamped over her mouth and nose. Startled, she tried to take a breath, but couldn’t. She tried to pull whatever it was off, but her fingers slipped through the mist. There was nothing there, but she couldn’t breathe!

She could see Twyl and Rafi staring at her as, struggling to breathe, she fell to her knees. Rafi pushed Twyl behind him. He reared up and began fanning his wings at her. Her vision turned red, then black…

Looking forward to your questions and comments.


  1. It was nice learning about you and your books. Thank you for sharing the excerpts. I wish you much success!

  2. Hi Kathryn,
    Nice to meet you. I'm a fellow ya author that no one's ever heard of too. Hopefully, one day that will change. :) Your books sound interesting. Congratulations and good luck.