Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Sneaky Peek

I am so excited! This is the end of the YAAYNHO's second week and we have almost 20 followers- and not all of them are US! Which means we're not sitting here talking to ourselves!!! Woo Hoo!

Since its Super Promo Saturday, I thought I'd give a little sneaky peek at the upcoming Library of Athena book, The Mirror of Yu-Huang. For those that are playing along at home, this will be the third book in the series, and is scheduled to be published by Zumaya this fall. Since we haven't officially started editing, I can't give you a teaser, but I CAN post the blurb that I wrote for he back of the book. This may not be the final version, but it's the version I sent to the publisher. I'm just whetting your appetite a little bit...aren't I such a tease? Anyway, here we go....

Megan was expecting peace and quiet this Christmas. Unfortunately, the headmistress of her school has strong-armed her father into hosting a huge New Year’s ball in honor of the Chinese ambassador, whose daughter will be attending Megan's school. Which completely ruins any chance of an uneventful holiday. Megan’s been unlucky with houseguests in the past—like one of the guests died kind of unlucky. Of course, he also tried to steal one of the precious magical artifacts that are hidden in the Library of Athena, a cavernous room hidden beneath her home, so it wasn’t totally her fault.

Now not only will there be hundreds of people crawling all over the manor, but the ambassador’s family—and his staff—end up spending the holidays with Megan and her father. She tries to relax and enjoy the holidays despite her home being turned into Grand Central, but her worst fears are realized when Megan receives a mysterious Christmas gift, one that links her to the Library of Athena. Now she’s on her guard, hoping to identify the culprit and learn just how much he or she knows about the Library, before someone gets hurt, or worse, she winds up inside another enchanted book.

Confucius never said anything about this.
I am getting really excited for this book's release. It is such a fun book, and there is a twist that I didn't even see coming until I wrote it. I bought some cool beading supplies to make some neato, tied-to-the-book giveaways for contests. Now I just have to think of some good contests...
Happy Saturday!!!