Thursday, June 2, 2011

New additions - New directions

The word has come and there will be two new grandchildren in my family, arriving from China by the middle of July. Emma will be three and Andrew will be four. What does this mean to me as a writer? Been thinking that I must go back and polish up several stories I wrote when my children were this young. I no longer have the drafts but because they wanted to hear them so often much of the sense is still with me. Of course these should be picture books but I have no artistic ability, but that won't keep me from sharing these stories with the new additions to the family.

Do you write your YA stories for the children in your family, or are they written for yourself? Stories are meant to be shared, to be told. So with the addition of new children, my writing will expand again. I do write for myself and I do write for the children in my family. New additions can mean new directions. We'll see what happens.

I recently finished the last of a four part fantasy series for children. Many of the characters are based on my grandchildren. The young people in these stories have aged as the grandchildren aged. When I learned about the two new ones I had to add them to the story but only in a general way since I didn't know them. I also discovered that while I was writing for these children in the family, I was also writing for myself by exploring the worlds of fantasy and the talents of the characters I was putting my dreams on paper. Sometimes my nightmares as well. Good stories need both dreams and nightmares, writing for one's self and for others.


  1. I confess I write for myself and hope my work will resonate with an audience. My latest kidlit novel, RUPERT STARBRIGHT:The Door to Far-Myst, to be published this month by Zumaya's Threshold imprint, is dedicated to my neices and nephew.

  2. I did dedicate my story CROSSED OUT to my one sister Colette who was murdered back in 1993. Her death was part of the inspiration behind the story.

    I admit though I don't write for my family or friends or even people in my church. Though my upcoming book NO GODDESSES ALLOWED was my attempt at writing a book I thought would be fun for the teens in my church. It's a lighter, fun fantasy.

    Kim Baccellia

  3. Congratulations on the new additions to your family. It should be fun writing for them.

    I write for myself mostly and hope young readers will enjoy the stories too.