Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motivation Time

I admit I've been kind of down on my writing these past few weeks.  It's been hard to motivate myself to sit down and write.  I've been at this for almost a decade and so far I still haven't received that call from an agent(though to be fair I've been very close more than a few times to signing) or received an offer to be with traditional publisher.  I know, it's always easy to look at others and feel they are doing better.  It has seemed like almost everyone has either signed with an agent or got that book deal.

Apparently I haven't been the only one with the writer blues.  Must be in the air.  One great thing about this social community is blogging.  I thought I'd share some posts that helped give me a kick in the pants:

Saundra Mitchell posted a great post on walking away:

Dawn Metcalf, author of LUMINOUS shared her revisions and shows it's not all easy:

Love this vlog:

Music helps too.  Skip the ad on this video that says it all:

If all else fails, I've been immersing self in another older YA TV series ROSWELL.

Yes, some of the dialogue is cheesy but I love the forbidden love between a human and alien.  I know I need to dig deeper in my own writing and the romance between Liz and Max is right on.


  1. If this was easy we probably wouldn't keep at it. Part of the excitement is the challenge, right?

    Chin up. Onward!

  2. Exactly! That's what my husband says. He told me anything worthwhile takes hard work and persistence. Some days it's so easy to forget that.

  3. The challenge. Yes. Saying I can do it. I can. Great links. Seeing how others struggle is encouraing to know we're not alone. :)

  4. Yes, it does help, doesn't it? I know it does for me.

  5. You're not alone. I haven't heard the call from an agent, but I have to admit, I'm doing pretty darn well at being happy about what I've accomplished :-D I'm always amazed at how far and much I've learned. And although you are feeling challenged in your struggle I can say you have impressed me with all you've done and have yet to :-D

  6. Thanks! You have such a great 'tude! I need to look more on the positive too.

  7. Kim, thanks for your honesty. I think sticking at it is one of the most important ingredients. The falling in love with an alien bit had me laughing because i just posted on my blog about falling in love with a car! I may buy a Nissan Cube tomorrow.

  8. LOL, Catherine!

    No, at first I thought the whole premise of ROSWELL was kind of dumb. Seriously, an alien and human Romeo and Juliet? Then I started watching the series and really loving the chemistry between Liz and Max. There's just some spark there between both of them that had me end up Netflixing all 61 episodes.

  9. Kim, thanks for the inspiration. I too am finding it hard to get motivated to write, although I did have a novel idea come to me right after Christmas when I was looking through a creative writing prompt type site - it is actually pictures that you kind of flip through and they give you a question or statement about that picture and you write about it. Six of them jumped off the page to incorporate into my new novel, which I really didn't need to have that started at the time since I still have state stories to write before working on another novel. I took a break last year after only publishing one state story and republishing my first state story that came out of contract by editing/revising/reworking my YA paranormal mystery and republishing several of my previously published short stories. So, yes, the motivation is lacking but I know once work is caught up and my blog postings are all ready to go for a few months at a time, then I will be ready to write my state stories. Just stick with it and you will find your mojo again and get whatever story is beckoning you to write written. E :)

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  10. Thanks, Elysabeth! The whole idea behind Crossed Out came from a 'what if' question my husband had. I've also love those novel idea books to help me when I get stuck. Good luck with your own writing and thanks for commenting!