Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The XYZ Files. UFOS.

The brilliant Terrence Mckenna once said "It's great to have an open mind but not so open that the wind whistles through your ears."

I like to live by a variation of this philosophy. You see, I do enjoy the feel of the wind tickling my brain. It is one of the ways I get great ideas. Ever since I was a kid (and probably before that) I have been made joyful by UFOs, ghosts, Atlantis, ancient astronauts,  fairies, cryptozoology, spirits, ESP, aliens, conspiracies, and anything that the "boring beige materialist" label trippy, out there or wackadoo.  I love Coast to Coast - THE most listened to overnight radio show in the world where the above mentioned topics are fodder for speculation (which is the long forgotten basis of science- NOT logic).  I do have to laugh, however, when some very very wild statements are made ("I channeled the leadership of the Riva Duga Kanesh star system and they gave me a holographic blueprint to peace on earth but I forgot where I put it") with little or no subsequent questioning by some of the hosts (some are better than others. Ian Punnet and George Knapp are great and do ask deep and thoughtful questions).

I eat this stuff up and it fuels my writing. So I thought it would be fun to examine some of the topics to see where I stand on them- based on my own ACUAL experience. This week I will tackle UFOs.


I think 85% of UFOs are easily explainable. Planes, clouds, blimps, satellites,  birds, etc. 10% are  secret government craft that are being tested (such as the Stealth Bomber. A few years before it was revealed many many people saw triangular craft that looked strikingly familiar to the obscenely priced explosive delivery system). The rest? Maybe, like Carl Yung wrote, they are projections of our minds- a mass need for the mysterious that is being robbed by the waves of "rational" thinkers that are dominating research of late (see his book "Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies").  

I have seen a legit UFO (it was unidentified, it was flying and it was an object). It happened on a camping trip and my buddy Russell and I sat there and went through a checklist of possibilities. It looked like a bright star as it slowly and silently crossed the sky than suddenly shot upward and out into space where it vanished. Plane? No. Helicopter. No. Satellite? No. Meteor? No. None fit so it remains a UFO. 

Another time on a cruise ship, late at night while sitting on our veranda (my wife was asleep beside me) the ship past a weird, dark craft that seemed to be floating over the water. I did not get a great look at it but I was left with an odd feeling.  A UWO? Yes- it was an Unidentified Water Object.

I find it interesting that mass UFO sightings began after the detonation of the first atomic bomb. Carl Sagan felt that if we are to find alien artifacts in Earth's neighborhood we need to explore the Moon. So perhaps, ages ago there were ET visitors (a future topic) who saw the early Earthlings and decided to monitor us with equipment left on the moon. A sure sign of an emerging intelligence would be the splitting of the atom. So when that first mushroom cloud poisoned the skies on Earth the monitors noticed and sent waves of bio-engineered creatures in flying craft to take a closer look at us. To take notes. To drive farmers and small town folk nuts. 

I, do, however, remain skeptical on this subject. I ABSOLUTELY believe the Universe is teeming with intelligent life - but I think the form of travel will be via consciousness when it comes to long journeys. I suggest reading Rick Strassman's DMT: The Spirit Molecule for a fascinating look at how a naturally occurring psychedelic substance can trigger abduction experiences in humans. REAL ET contact. I actually made a feature film that dealt with this called TRIPTOSANE. 

Are any of the things seen in the skies actual craft being piloted by alien life forms? Who am I to say? If my moon theory is correct then we are still being watched. If so, I can only imagine the notes and sarcastic comments being recorded as they watch the leadership being chosen on this planet!  It must be like a big cosmic Mystery Science Theatre 3000 as they can chuckle at our sometimes ridiculous behavior. Yet- they must also be impressed with us for humans are capable of some damned amazing things. 

They say we are either alone in the Universe or part of a HUGE family. In either case - it is incredibly fascinating.  

Up next: Ghosts.

Mike DiCerto is a filmmaker and author of books including his latest: THE DOOR TO FAR-MYST: The Adventures of Rupert Starbright.


  1. Space and the possibilites of what might be out there fascinate me. Why not other beings on other planets? They wouldn't necessarily look like Earthlings, but they could. I've never seen a UFO or UWO, but would love to. And ghosts are one of my favorite subjects. Looking forward to that article.

  2. Cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait for your take on ghosts! Be still my heart! I never saw a UFO until I got to Arizona. I will never forget how that felt, staring up into the dark sky, watching *something* brightly lit and erratically mobile that vanished without a trace, and feeling the goosebumps even though it was a balmy 98 degrees. Like you, I follow everything from cryptozoology through Atlantis to ESP phenomena to ghosts. Especially ghosts. Do you also have about 25 plus feet of shelf space devoted to this interest???