Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Drafts and Other Fun Things

I've been busy plowing through a first draft of book two in my Reality Ali series. (Book one comes out later this spring).

First drafts are very different than the finished product - at least in my case. For me, a first draft is almost an expanded outline. I might know how I want something to end up, but the draft will show me fun ways to get there. And sometimes it will go in a different direction all together.

And generally, first drafts are not something I want anyone else to see. They're messy and filled with mistakes. As I write a first draft I am always convinced it is horrible and can't wait to get through to the end so I can go back and revise and make it better.

So, I finished the first draft and started reading through it. Not revising yet, just kind of seeing what I have there. And here's the other fun thing about first drafts - they are seldom as horrible as I thought they were.

Oh, sure there are sentences that don't make any sense, like "She is trying to stay relative." Pretty sure I meant "relevant." There are grammar mistakes galore. There are subplots that got forgotten and new ones that got picked up. Over all though, the story makes me happy and I'll enjoy fixing it up.

And the 'other fun things' from the title? Allergies. The tree pollen is attacking. Oh, right. That's not a fun thing. So, really the only fun thing going on around here is a completed first draft.


  1. This sounds so familiar. I call my first draft the rough draft and rough it is. Being a draft writer means I must get the story down, at least for that draft. Once I know this, I go back, sometimes scratch my head especially when I come upon those scenes where I may have no more than a handful of words. What did I mean. Nice post. Trees are doing their thing here, too.

  2. Oh, yes, first drafts. The sh**y first drafts. What's great about them is they aren't meant to be perfect. No, that's where revisions come into the picture. I always put my first drafts aside for a month or two then come back. I'm always amazed at what I did. Sometimes I'm amazed at how some scenes aren't that bad and other times? I just shake my head.

  3. To me, the fun part is taking the rough draft with all its quirks and mistakes and things that make little sense and watching it grow, draft by draft into a story that someone might actually enjoy reading.

    Nice post, Christine.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It's good to know we're none of us alone! My favorite part about my first draft is finding all the stuff that actually belongs in another story.

  5. First drafts are fun because they get the story out there and they can be treasure troves of good nuggets - and some stuff that simply needs to hit the trash.

    And sorry I didn't respond earlier - apparently I only get notifications of comments if Beverly makes the comment. Not sure why that is.

  6. That happens to me too, Christine. I only receive notices when certain people comment, not with all of them. Have no idea why.

  7. I love doing revisions. I feel so much more relaxed then the first draft which is fun but difficult. Its like watching a basebal game and your team is losing and the other team is up to bat and you just hope they can be held down. Revisions is like when your team is winning and up to bat.

    : )