Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So a cow and an alien walk into a bar.

I have yet to miss a post for this blog but came close today. I have been so busy trying to get my galleys for Book 2 of The Adventures of Rupert Starbright: The Secret of My-Myst proofed as well as finishing the first draft of Book 3 that I almost blew it off. Last night- around 11pm- I racked my brain (which is an odd sensation) in attempt to come up with a topic. I couldn't.

So I will do a stream of consciousness entry. Lets see what happens. Hey- I am a writer, right?

The image above is a shameless plug. Great cover, isn't it? Brad Foster is an amazing artist.

So I did my first classroom appearances. It was Career Day at PS 107 in Queens, NY and I had the honor of discussing being an author to 2nd,  4th and 5th grade students. It was a wonderful experience and I was  impressed at the interest these kids showed in me and what I do. I have to admit I felt like a rock star walking into the classrooms and hear kids say things like "He looks like an artist!" Its funny how in many ways kids never change. There are your class clowns, your type A's, your shy kids, and your bored kids. I have said it before and I still feel it– times change but people really don't. We come is various colors, shapes, and personality types.

"Anyways" is not a word. Don't use it in conversation. It makes you sound like an ass.

I love living in Manhattan because  I love to walk. Its a walking town. I love going to the gym and I love yoga but nothing is better than strolling around Central Park or city streets on a warm spring day.

Agents. I do not have one. I want one. I have big aspirations and my future holds a best seller and I am not sure you can even get the big publishers to look at you without one (see recent blog entry)

It amazes me how easily people are manipulated by information. By urban legends. It takes me less than thirty seconds to debunk so many of the claims I see posted on Facebook or in mass emails. THINK.

Food is health. Food is medicine. Eat a variety and in moderation. Be bold. Try new things. If I could give Americans one piece of advice it is this: DO NOT EAT FAST FOODS. Once a year if you must.

Algae is so annoying and hard to control in aquariums.

I am torn between three or four projects for my next novel. I have to pick one.

I told the kids on Career Day to never write with dollars signs in their eyes. Write with stars in them. Write what you love. If you try to write a best seller or blockbuster screenplay (and trust me I have tried) you'll end up with some mediocre mishmash of fading trends.

Whats the deal with Zombies? The other day I went to a funeral and the corpse sat up and said "What's the deal with Zombies?" RIMSHOT!

Musical instruments are like pieces of art. Art that makes art. Music is the greatest achievement of the human race. The human race can take a lesson from bands. Folks of any race, religion, political affiliation can get together and speak the same language and do so in literal harmony.

I changed my mind about Starbucks. I was never a fan of their coffee but I am making an effort to support them as a company. All corps should follow their lead. Profits and social conscience can dance at the ball.

I truly believe the secret to our origins is encoded into our DNA. Junk DNA? I think not.

I must see the Great Pyramid in person. One day.

I have to practice guitar more. Been slacking lately.

So a cow and an alien walk into a bar. The bartender looks and them and says...


  1. The cover is fantastic. Your post is interesting. I enjoyed following your stream of consciousness. And only got lost once or twice. :)

  2. I almost didn't read this because of Gertrude Stein! Uh, what did the bartender say?