Friday, May 10, 2013

Serenity - The Puppy of DOOM!

Our family adores pets. But for some reason or other, while I'd had dogs while growing up, in my adult married life, we'd stuck with cats.

But as has happened before (Ferrets! Kittens! Oh my!), my daughter talked us into letting her get a puppy.

She picked a runt from a litter of pups, assuming it wouldn't grow to be that large. Yeah...

Here she is - Serenity. Cute tiny little thing, wouldn't you say? (She was named after the ship in Firefly rather than the feeling. The cats will definitely attest that she is nothing like the feeling. :P) She's an American Bulldog. 

Here's Serenity after graduating from puppy training school. (My daughter used the graduation cap to hide. For shame!)

Here she is relaxing on the easy chair.

And then she kept growing, and growing and growing! 

Serenity is now close to 100 pounds! Heavier than my daughter! And Serenity's been known to kick my daughter off the bed!

Here's her mug shot. Photo evidence of her crack habbit - kitty litter crack that is. Heh heh. She likes to dive into the cat box. Cat's are not excited by this one bit. :P

My hubby can be heard grumbling about about hating the dog here and there, but he's the one spoiling her the most! It's dangerous to go by the dog aisle at the store... Dog treats, dog bones, dog toys! The paycheck only goes so far! lol.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


  1. She's adorable. And yes, our dogs and cats have us wrapped around their little paws. They know who's boss.