Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring is Right Around the, really!

For those of you who live in Southern climes perhaps you don't anticipate Spring in much the same way we do who have been battling snow and cold all winter long. I think I can speak for most people in the Northeast when I say, we are ready for Spring.

Besides warmer temperatures and open windows and lack of snow on the road, Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time to see things fresh again. We revel in the flowers and green grass and we feel ambitious and start Spring cleaning.

Or Spring editing as the case may be. I've been busy working with my publisher on edits for Honestly, Ali, the third book in the Ali Caldwell series. At the same time I'm going over the first draft of book four of the series and revising and fixing that. It's rather invigorating. It's time to throw out what doesn't work and polish what does - just like we go through our closets and get rid of clothes we no longer wear.

So, while I wait for actual spring-like weather to show up, I will look at old pictures of flowers (like the one above) and let my editing bring Spring's newness and freshness to me.

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  1. We are having typical sprig weather. Temps in the 70s one day, in the 40s the next. Too dry for flowers. Good luck with your spring edits. Sounds like they'll keep you busy.