Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sometimes the writing life is exciting. New books coming out. Tours to take. Book Blasts for fun.
Sometimes writing is a lot of work. Drafting a new story. Revising an old one. Editing for the editor.
Then sometimes writing is waiting. Waiting for final edits. Waiting for a cover. Waiting for reviews, and so on and so on. Today, I'm in all of these stages.
Ah! What a life!
In the meantime, since my mind is on overload already, I'm cross posting a little more about the writing life from my BlogSpot, which I cross posted from the MuseItYoung and MuseItUp blog. Enjoy.
First, here's my desk where my creative mind goes to work. Or doesn't.

How I write!

I seldom make an outline. When a little voice whispers in my ear, telling me his/her story, I sit down at the computer and start writing. I let the character(s) show me the way. I ask them questions, and hopefully they give me answers. Sometimes I jot down what I think will happen next or in a later chapter. Sometimes the story happens that way; other times not.

I work better when I have a schedule. Since I usually write more than one story at a time, each day I plan which story to work on that day. On a yellow tablet I list my goals for the day. I do not always reach them. No problem. I circle the ones I did not accomplish to work on the next day.

Writing brings me joy. When the final two words, THE END, are written, I've accomplished my goal. Then the revisions start. In the meantime, I may be editing a forthcoming story for my editor. If that's happening, I set aside time to edit.

Writing is also stressful at times. When I spend all morning on one paragraph, and it still isn't right, frustration sets in. Time to put the story aside for another day. Also, waiting to hear on a submission can have me biting my fingernails. Does the publisher like the story? Does it stink? Should I give up and go back to teaching? All sorts of doubts about my ability as a writer surface.

Do I quit? No way. I suck in a breath and face my characters, hoping they have wonderful ideas for me today.

Happy Writing!


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