Monday, January 19, 2015

What Holds You Back?

For this week I thought I'd touch on something from my online class this month.

What is one thing that has been stalling, holding you back from writing?

For me, it boiled down to one thing:


Fear that I will realize that maybe I'm not as talented as I thought

Fear that I'll never sign with an agent or get that traditional book deal

Some days I feel I suffer from a bad case of do-i-suck-a-phobia with my writing:

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I usually don't watch award shows but something Gina Rodriguez of JANE THE VIRGIN TV show really struck a cord with me. She told viewers if she could do it, than anyone could.  She remembered what her father told her:

Also she started changing her thinking from instead of 'why not?'-- to 'why not me?"


What really spoke to me  is how she said it might not happen right now, or a month, or even ten years from now. But it will come and when it does? It'll be so worth it!

Step by step.  That's been my path in this publishing biz.  Here I am receiving another rose last month from my local RWA for signing another contract:

Remember I'm cheering all of you on!
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  1. Very good thoughts, Kim. Sometimes I wonder the same thing.I see others doing so well and am happy for them, but wonder when my time will come. Well, it won't for sure if I don't keep writing. Maybe the rainbow will be over that next hill. Love your picture. Congratulations.