Monday, March 23, 2015

Beware the Little White Rabbit AND YA Scavenger Hunt are coming!!!

I think I totally forgot to post last month! So much going on, work, and real life, yanno. But Spring is coming, and that means I kick into high gear. TWO book releases in the next two months, and events to attend and plan, publicity to arrange....

After NOT having a book come out last year, I kind of feel like I've been in writer-hibernation. So I'm making up for it this year.

Beware the Little White Rabbit comes out from Leap Books on April 14. It's a YA anthology that celebrates the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  I've seen some of the interior artwork (though not for my story, yet, boo!) and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this thing and get print copies to take to events.

The other thing I'm involved in next month is the YA Scavenger Hunt. There are a ton of authors participating. Basically, you search the author's blogs, getting exclusive content and guest blog posts and looking for SOMETHING in the post. When you have the SOMETHING, you write it down. When you have ALL the SOMETHINGS, you enter to win a boatload of cool swag.

I am on Team Blue this year. I think there are something like eight teams, all different colors. Click the link for the YASH site and stay tuned-- it starts April 2!

I forget what I said I was giving away, but I think it was one copy of one of my books, OR a copy of A Curse of Ash and Iron  when it's released in May. I have to double check.

And try to keep up, because I'm off to the races!!

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  1. I've seen this anthology everywhere. Congratulations for having a story in it.
    The YA Scavenger Hunt sounds like fun. Will check into it.
    Two books in two months will keep you busy, for sure.