Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Do you ever hear a weird noise in your house or your car or elsewhere and wonder what it is? You search and search but can't find the cause. For the longest time I kept hearing this little popping noise. It wasn't loud and it was quick, so I never could find the source.
One day, I opened a bottle of water, took a couple of sips, then put the lid back on and set the bottle on the cabinet. I was busy doing whatever and then I heard it, that little pop that had puzzled me for ages. It wasn't a ghost  or an alien from outer space or rain.t Yep, you guessed it. The water bottle had made the weird noise.

What does this have to do with anything, you're probably wondering? I'll tell you.

My newest book is a picture book mystery for readers 6-9. Yes, it's the story of three girls that hear a weird noise.

Weird noises in the night send the imaginations of three young girls soaring. Is it the rain, a dragon, an alien from outer space, or a ghost? As Olivia and her best friends seek the source of the sound, they discover that the truth is not as scary as their imaginations.
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
Available at:

I've also chosen a theme for the A to Z Challenge Hop in April. I'll be talking about animals, one of my favorite subjects. To see what others' themes may be check it out here.
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