Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun With Software

Sorry this is late! January has been a very odd month. (This will be a quick one too!)

I like to tinker. It's a thing. And though software sometimes drives me crazy, I also love to muck about with it, especially if it's something new.

I bought one on special and decided to try out different things. (I'll hopefully remember the name before I'm done!) With it, you can do moving gifs. So added some extra bling to my covers. :P

(If you don't see anything, just refresh the page. I only have them cycling a few times so I wouldn't drive people crazy :P)

What do you all think? Kind of cool, no?


  1. Moving gifs! How fun! I bet it is a blast to play around with!

    1. It was fun! And a time sink. I get into so much trouble when I find things to play with. lol.

  2. Neat. Did you remember the name of the software? Looks like a good way to spend the day. :)

  3. It was a combination of Adobe Photoshop elements and Coffee Cup's Animation Studio. I know for sure the Animation studio was how I put the gif's together. I eve did a couple of moving gifs from video. But I couldn't remember where I put them or I would have shared them as well. lol