Monday, January 7, 2013

Scarletta Press expands children's book titles in 2013

The new year brings a new market for children's book writers. Minneapolis publisher Scarletta Press is branching out with two new imprints. Scarletta Junior features fiction and nonfiction for middle grade readers, and Scarletta Kids publishes picture books and storybooks for children up to age eight.

Scarletta started publishing children’s books in 2011, with Lost in Lexicon, a novel by Pendred Noyce. A second children’s title, The Ice Castle, also by Noyce, followed a year later.

According to Scarletta’s publicity director Desiree Bussiere, “We rethought our structure: how to acquire books and what the future face of the company would be. We realized we really enjoyed producing and marketing children’s books. It prompted us to look for more children’s titles, and thus create our imprints.”

Of the 12 titles Scarletta will publish in 2013, six are Scarletta Kids titles, four are Scarletta Junior titles, and two are adult titles.

Be advised, their reading period is November 1 to March 1. Their Junior Readers and Kids imprints focus on literature and picture books with educational twists, exciting illustrations, and engaging plots.

Please query first with cover letter, synopsis, and one or two chapters (30 pages or less). Agented and unagented manuscripts are welcome. Send your query by mail or email to:

Scarletta Press
10 South 5th Street, Suite 1105
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Or email an attachment to:

For more information please read Scarletta Press Submission Guidelines

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  1. That's good news since MG and Picture books sell mostly in paperback form and they are so expensive to print for small publishers.

  2. Plus it's always good when a publisher opens up to unsolicited submissions. Too many won't.