Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giving your hero or heroine trouble #amwriting

Many times our heroes and heroines give us trouble. Sometimes they don't want to go where we want them to go. Sometimes they decide the goals we have set for them aren't the ones they want, Then there are the times they tell us that;s not why I did that. This is all part of a writer's game and yes, our characters do take life.

But to be real characters they have to have problems and they have to solve them. One trick here is to set a goal for them, one that takes small steps to obtain. One that comes complete with problems. But the trick of giving them trouble is to have the one problem solved lead to the next one that needs to be solved.

When writing the Affinities series, the first problem was the initial escape and when they accomplished that they were faced with the results of an earthquake and some magical things to overcome. This solved, they run into the next problem and the next. Their goal is to reach a certain place where they are to find those who will teach them to use their affinities for the elements. But when they reach here they encounter another problem to solve. There are also their internal problems to face for they are young teens and have growing up to do. These growing up elements are carried over the four books of the series.

So to lead your characters to the goal you've chosen, set them small problems to solve and have these problems lead to the next one to be solved.

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  1. I love causing problems for my characters and seeing how they solve them. Good article. Thanks.